M. Dolores Radzewicz
Died: Jan 29, 2015
Dolores M. Radzewicz, age 84, of Oxford, NJ died Thursday, January 29, 2015 at Hackettstown Regional Medical Center. Dolores was born April 19, 1930 in Holyoke, MA. She is the daughter of the late John and Emily (Kalojiazcyck) Costello. She was employed by Elastimold Hackettstown NJ as a Office Manager for many years before retiring. Dolores was an avid reader and was the founder of the Bookworms club of the Warren County Library Northeast branch. Dolores was a lifelong Dixieland musician playing both the piano and guitar. She is survived by her husband: Theodore Radzewicz, 2 sons: Lauren " Larry" Surget and wife Paula and Frank Surget, 1 daughter; Susan Guest and husband Jan; 6 Grandchildren; Melanie, Heather, Erika, Lauren Jr., Jack and Jared; 12 great grandchildren. Predeceased by her late brothers; Robert and Frank Costello. Cremation is private.


Lauren Surget (Grandson)
February 10th, 2015 7:13 pm
To Grandma Dee, I should begin by saying I do not have the words to describe the impact you have made on my life & to me as a person. You added so much meaning to my life and made it so incredibly special. From the earliest memories I have I remember our weekends shared together. It was typically one day every other weekend. You would take the drive from belvedere new jersey all the way to the Leighhigh valley in Pennsylvania. You would pick me and my two older sisters up and take us out shopping for clothes and groceries, and then out to lunch at the chinese buffet, and would just take great care of us. The weekends i would treasure the most were the ones spent with you and Pop pop at your home in belvedere. The vast memories i have of picking berries playing on the rope swing neer the drive way ,and the list goes on. I can still smell and taste you're blueberry muffins and pancakes if I try hard enough. The exciting adventures hiking into the woods with pop pop and him teaching me about what kind of tree was the right kind of tree to bring down from the woods to the house. Learning & understanding about the size it would have to be cut at so it could fit into the wooden stove and sawing it up and stacking it. Then for my prized memories on my rather lengthily journey of boyhood I would end up very In a rather intense bootcamp after a second stay in juvenile hall. Having just turned 16 i was experiencing emotions of being alone, scared, angry, confused and ashamed all at once. After an impossibly challenging day I would get about an hour to write my loved ones a letter. I remember feeling so deeply disappointed in myself for messing my life up this terribly. We became pen pall’s and wrote what seemed to be endless letters back and forth and any day I received a letter with your name was a great day. You never once treated me like I was any less then your grandson who you loved and believed in, thank you. You meant the world to me Grandma Love Larry your Grandson and friend forever.
Lauren (larry) Surget
January 31st, 2015 10:45 am
Mom. My life has been enriched and enhanced with you as my mom. I was a really good kid until I was 13, then you and Ted had your hands full. You never told me that you did not love me but you sure let me know that you would not tolerate my behavior. The cops brought me home after I had run away (again) and they asked you what they should do and you said KEEP HIM I can`t do anything with him. That is really one of the turning points in my life with you. I know now the wisdom in that action. You and Ted took care of my kids when i could not. I have always loved doing what everI could to help arould the house,cutting wood,fixing what ever you asked me to fix. Making your poached eggs in the morning.Just sitting with you was all you ever wanted from me. You taught me that all people really want is to have someone listen to their life story. That is not somthing they teach in school, but you gave me that gift when you told me your life story. My life has forever been changed by that lesson and so many more as I continue to pass it on as you passed it on to me. You showed me that love means more than saying I LOVE YOU, it is about staying in our life no matter what was going on. You showed me how to be a suvivor and to show up for life,as you did. I remember that whenever a stay dog or cat or possum or racoon showed up you welcomed them( or some of my friends). We used to drive to work together , it was a 1 hour trip and we drove together in the worst and best weather. I remember all the JAM sessions that you and Ted had at the house, the garden that Ted and I planted for you and how much you loved it even when it was a lot of work for you. I never heard you complain about being sick, when you were. Thanks for that gift also. I wish I could do it as well as you did. THANK FOR BEING IN MY LIFE. I LOVE YOU
Ted Razzie
January 31st, 2015 9:53 am
Love you forever Boopsie,I`m with you all the time. Thanks for 44 years of happiness.I will always have the trips with you and DINA ,(the piper cub airplane) the endless supply of pets and being my DIXIE LAND JAZZ partner. With me are the memories of our honeymoon in ARUBA. We took a flight around the island , our private beach to swim in that nobody else came to because it had sharks. Which we did not know about.The glass bottom boat that sank and how i made sure you were rescued.We had so many wonderful vacations , the trips saling with my brother Paulie and Ethel,. We had so many trips that filled our hearts with Joy, the trip in the GTO to Canada, endless trips to Swartsburg Lake to Jeanie`s and Helen`s cabin on the lake.The trips to Atlantic City in the Stinson areoplane, our getting lost over New Jersy at night and luckly finding the Belle Mead airport. The trips to Atlantic City with the kids. Our beautyful home in the wilderness , with a very productive garden, as the years passed our yard was surrounded by shady trees and turned into a lush lawn.The afternoons that we spent just sitting in the yard being together.The Vermont Castings stove that provided heat for the house and the Green house that we built on the front porch. We as a family,Me ,Jan and Larry cutting and hauling wood down for the stove. You and Erica playing duets on the piano,selling flowers for the libary. My life has been wholly and complete with you. I LOVE YOU FOREVER, RAZZIE.
Karen Nyenhouse
January 30th, 2015 11:43 am
Dee was such a force! She always had such an upbeat attitude. We all loved to see her when she came into the library to gather her piles of books. We will all miss her.
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