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Shotwell IV, Henry P. May 5, 1944 - January 14, 2022

Dr. Henry P. Shotwell IV – Hank to family and friends, Mickey to his mother – passed away peacefully on January 14th, 2022, at St Claire’s Hospital Dover, NJ. He is survived by brother – James Shotwell of Austin TX; son – Henry P. Shotwell V, daughter-in-law – Anita Shotwell, and grandson – Henry P. Shotwell VI of Flanders, NJ; daughter – Jessica Shotwell Walker of Peachtree City, GA, and grandchildren – Maise and Jack Walker of Duvall, WA; and stepson Matthew Cullen of Mansfield, NJ. He is predeceased by his partner – Jane Cullen of Hackettstown, NJ; and stepson – Andrew Cullen of Parsippany, NJ.

Born on May 5th, 1944, at the US Naval Hospital, Brooklyn, NY to Enrica and Lt JG Henry Shotwell III, Hank grew up in Staten Island, NY and as a young man became an Eagle Scout. He attended New Dorp High School, where he played football. He graduated from Fordham University in 1965 with a Bachelor of Science in Biology and Chemistry, and went on to attain an MS in BioMedical Science from the University of Bridgeport in 1973. In 1995, Hank returned to his studies, completing a PhD in Safety Engineering from Kennedy Western University.

His career took him from New York to Connecticut and finally New Jersey where he made his home. Working as a Certified Industrial Hygienist and PhD Systems Safety Engineer, Hank enjoyed the many challenges work provided, approaching cases as puzzles to be solved. He was especially fond of providing expert witness testimony. Hank retired from Atlantic Environmental in 2013 as a Senior Vice President, and continued on as a consultant. He spoke often of his Dover lunch crew – an accountant, a dentist, and a scientist, et al. Hank worked at the 9/11 site, assisting with air quality testing. He was very grateful to have been of service at this time.

Hank relished his role as a lecturer at UMDNJ, later Rutgers. At first daunted by the challenges of moving to a Zoom platform during the pandemic, he rallied and through the assistance of a good friend and home-cooked meal bribes, triumphantly entered the fray and led a team of instructors through two years of certification test prep courses for the NJAIHA.

Hank was a member of the Musconetcong Lodge #42. His Masonic brothers honor his memory and service, as such a Masonic funeral service will be held during his memorial. Additionally, Hank was past Worshipful Master of the Hermann Lodge in Pearl River, NY.

Proud of his heritage, Hank was an active member of Germania Park in Rockaway, NJ. He enjoyed meeting with friends, singing in the Gesangverein, and many Oktoberfest’s making his beloved potato pancakes. He also served as past president of the Swim and Sport Club of Roxbury, NJ.

An inveterate enthusiast, Hank had the unique ability to pick up a hobby, and in no short order become an expert, or at least equipped like one. A non-exhaustive list includes: playing all shapes and sizes of recorders; his many pipes and very stinky tobacco; learning to fish with John Cowan in CT – and not satisfied with regular tackle, Hank soon learned to make his own flies. And who can forget the watches? It was not enough to own watches or wear multiples on each wrist. Hank went on to learn the art of watch repair from good friend, Matt, followed by attendance at watch shows. Many feared an inevitable loss of life due to an avalanche of watches, pocket watches, clocks, cuckoo clocks, and all manner of accompanying flotsam.

His final and enduring passions were for Jane and cooking. Once Hank attended his first class at the Culinary Institute of America, many soon followed: Pies and Tarts and a butchering course, a culinary “boot camp” and the Art of Chocolate. Many friends traveled up the Hudson with Hank for a day’s ​adventure of good food, good company, and terrible driving. A safer option was to be fed generously in his and Jane’s home of many years.

He whiled away the hours watching Law & Order, Great Courses, and all things BBC. (There are many, many books.) We would be remiss to not mention his 100 pairs of eyeglasses, 4 million calculators and pads of paper, 300 laptops, more calculators, and an inexhaustible supply of pens and supplements.

Most importantly, along the way, he collected beloved friends and acquaintance. Hank was looking forward to his next adventure, traveling to Costa Rica to see Steve and Shelly (all arranged by that crack team of agents known as Skyland World Travel). Claudia und Dan sind in seinem Her zen.

In Hank’s honor please be sure to keep his local favorite restaurants in business – Pandan Room, Main Street Café, the Riverstar Diner – all extensions of home, each restaurant was a place where everyone “knew his name” and could look forward to his visits along with gifts of Irish shortbread.

Henry was also known as Major Hank Shotwell (or affectionately, Major Disaster), since 1983 as a member of the 2nd  Rhode Island Company B (New Jersey) as a Civil War reenactor. Through living history, Hank and friends portrayed the life and role of soldiers and their camp in the 1860s. Among others, these adventures took him to Wild West City, NJ; Cedar Creek VA; Gettysburg, PA (where he managed to break his ankle in 15 minutes); Erie Canal Village in Rome, NY, and Morris Canal Park in Clifton, NJ – site of the “Great Potato Gun Incident.” As Quartermaster Sergeant he was involved in procuring gunpowder, earning the title of “F Troop” from Lady Jane.

Hank had an abiding passion for understanding the complex and unfathomable beauty of our world. He would speak often of the night sky bathing us in its ether, or of the infinitesimal world of quantum and relativity effects, always with a bright, inquisitive smile on his face…He would also frequently threaten to sleep outside under the stars to the chagrin of his loved ones, and we must imagine, the entire Oakhill Townhouse community.

As a friend of Bill’s, Hank was a tireless member who shared his experience, strength, and hope with many. He is remembered for his kindness whether in the form of rides, encouragement, or a talk at the diner. Trudge on, Hank.

His life, and ours, was graced by the presence of Jane Cullen. He described her fiery anger and hair upon meeting as a combination of cat nip and manna. If one was blessed to be accepted into their inner sanctum, Jane and Hank’s banter across the dining table was a site to behold. With coffee in hand, there were birds to watch, books to be discussed, and Jane’s sharp wit to punctuate Hank’s enthusiastic speeches. Their bucket list trip to England and Scotland in 2019 was a dream realized.

Hank’s propensity for an outfit could not be denied – chef’s whites, reenactment woolens, Ren Faire and Lady Jane having her hair braided, his Dr. Zhivago fur hats and Infamous Faux Fur Teddy Bear Coat which shall be burned in honor or effigy by his closest confidantes to celebrate his “war wounds” attained in a long life, enthusiastically lived. Viking funeral details to be shared at the Memorial Service, codeword clearance only.

We would like to extend a special thank you to the medical staff at Hackettstown Hospital and St Claire’s ICU, with special gratitude to the nursing staff.

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A memorial visitation will take place on, Sunday, January 23, 2022 from 10:00 am – 11:00 am with a Funeral Service starting at 11: am, at Cochran Funeral Home, 905 High Street, Hackettstown, NJ 07840.

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  1. REPLY
    Scott Ross says

    I am so sorry to hear of the passing of Dr. Hank. I have many great memories of him and he was very helpful and kind to me when I just started out in this crazy IH business. I’m going to miss seeing him and talking to him at AIHA events. Godspeed, sir.

  2. REPLY
    Candice Kowalewski says

    The news of Hank leaving was heartbreaking; but Hank made a significant presence in our lives and will forever live on within us. Hank is considered one of my dearest friends and I am thankful we talked recently around Thanksgiving and he had plans to visit Costa Rica. Along with our shared passion of cooking; we often talked about ventilation and chemical fume hoods.

    I will miss you Hank and always remember you.
    Love James and Candice

  3. REPLY
    Jill Asch says

    i am very sad to hear about the loss of a friend that I enjoyed spending time with at the NJAIHA dinner meetings. He was an integral part of the NJAIHA. I will truly miss him.

  4. REPLY
    Richard M. Lynch, Ph.D., CIH says

    Hank was a wonderfully optimistic and pleasant gentleman. I always appreciated his gentle and jovial mannerisms and encouragement over these past 10 years as part of the NJAIHA CIH Review Course team. Best wishes to family and friends. Hank will be sorely missed!

  5. REPLY
    Patti Johnson says

    Hank will be missed by the IH community. I always made a point to sit with Hank at the IH dinner meetings. I really enjoyed listening to all his stories about IH, cooking, war reenactments, etc.

  6. REPLY
    Mary Clare Vogt says

    Although my acquaintance with Dr. Hank was brief when he was consulting with Emilcott Associates, I truly enjoyed our varied conversations about all manner of adventures. He could make a foray into the NJ Transit garages for training sound like one of his war re-enactments, spoken with true respect and honor to those on the frontlines. A life well lived and who will be sorely missed by even those of us whose life he touched briefly. All the best to close family and friends.

  7. REPLY
    Dale Lach says

    I was shocked as well as heartbroken to find out about Henry’s passing. I called him “H”. I worked for him starting in 86′ for many years when he started his radon business. He was my boss and my best friend. I could tell you a million and one funny stories of our working days together. There was not one day that our day ended in laughter. My many mistakes were always overlooked by H he was always so gentle and so kind. He is the only man in my life that I completely trusted. and felt comfortable with he was truly a wonderful man. I know that any one that knows him knows this. After working with H our life and many advent went on until I got sick and I just cut off being in touch with every one and Henry. Until recently I was going to call him but it was too late. I will always regret this to my tying day just to have one more day with that wonderful man.

  8. REPLY
    susan says

    I was so saddened to hear about Hank passing. I worked with him for many years, I have many fond memories of him. I loved hearing all his stories. Even after he retired from Atlantic Environmental, he would stop in from time to time and tell me about cooking classes and what he had been cooking he was so passionate about it. I remember him coming in after his trip to Germany with Miss Jane as he called her and showing me his photos how happy he was. Hank always had a smile on his face and lived life to the fullest. He will be greatly missed.

  9. REPLY
    Alexis g says

    Hank you always made my day more interesting and brighter when you would pop in the diner. I loved our conversations, always left me thinking more. I will think of our talks and laughs. It won’t be the same without seeing you around here anymore. But I know we discussed your great plans of a viking funeral. I am happy you are following through with your final wish. Will miss you, until we meet again 💗

  10. REPLY
    Spencer Pizzani says

    Hank will be terribly missed. He taught so much to so many, and was an incredible person to all who knew him. He was kind, patient, and open in all of the ways that mattered.

  11. REPLY
    Pat Mulrooney says

    Sincerest condolences to Hank’s family. He was a very special individual indeed. A brilliant and inquisitive soul who was a very generous with this time and talents. He was a great asset to the industrial hygiene community and he will be sorely missed. Godspeed Hank.

  12. REPLY
    Pauline Churchill says

    Hank would come into our travel agency, sit down and you knew you were in for at least an hour of a fascinating array of subjects ,usually nothing to do with travel. It was such fun planning his and Jane’s UK trip and sadly it was their last. We will miss Hank and all of our memorable conversations. Pauline and Susan

  13. REPLY
    Kathryn Ritner says

    A good man gone to rest; missing you, Hank.

  14. REPLY
    Paula Roselli says

    I was shocked to hear of “H” passing – I saw him not long ago. I have fond memories of him as a unique individual- so intelligent and eccentric! (Civil war reenactments, singing , Germania Park, all the old Mercedes cars )and collectibles. He would help when my sons needed to print
    out HW etc He was definitely very interesting and accomplished . The world has lost “one if a kind”!

  15. REPLY
    Hildegard Provost says

    My sincerest condolences to Hank’s family!
    The last time I saw Hank we were peeling potatoes for the Octoberfest at Germania Park. On those occasions we also peeled onions and Hank shared the correct way to peel an onion. I will never peel an onion without thinking of him.

  16. REPLY
    Armin Wagner says

    Our heartfelt condolences. We were totally surprised to hearing about Henry’s passing on. He will be missed.
    The Wagner Family

  17. REPLY
    Jb bryant Shotwell says

    was he born in cego tx

  18. REPLY
    Jill Wack says

    Hank, I miss you. Hank went to HS with my mom and I was fortunate enough to begin our friendship when I worked with him at Atlantic in 2001. He was a great mentor. We remained friends and coffee buddies since 2001 since we both lived in Hackettstown. We were due to meet for coffee in January but he got sick and went to the hospital. I texted with him during his stay since he couldn’t have visitors… sadly I didn’t hear about his passing until after the funeral. I wish I got a call or a text. I’m glad the obituary was updated from the first one, this reading about his life is beautiful. I will miss Hank always. He was a true friend. It it should be noted also that his roommate the last year was a joy to his existence. He appreciated her kindness and meals. I’m sorry I forgot her name right now. But she was an angel sent to him when he needed friendship. Miss you buddy. Can’t wait to see you again someday.

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