In the time of need, numerous choices and financial decisions must be made quickly and with confidence. We realize you want to make good decisions – wise choices that make sense and honor you and your family.

Oftentimes however, family members or friends are overwhelmed by the number of choices to be made at the time of death of a loved one. By planning ahead you will give your family the greatest gift of all – peace of mind.

That is why more and more people choose to be prepared and plan the details of their funeral ahead of time. You can express your own ideas, choose all the merchandise, and decide on a method of disposition knowing you have reduced the stress on your family.

An additional benefit of being prepared is the option of pre-financing. Cochran Funeral Home offers prepaid funeral trust funds which are immediately available at the time of death. After finalizing the pre-arrangement process and selecting the different merchandise and services available, your funeral director will assist you in preparing the funeral trust fund agreement and forward it to the offices of the trustees at the New Jersey State Funeral Directors Association. Your money will be deposited into the fund’s FDIC insured time deposit and receive highest rates of interest to offset the increase of funeral costs due to inflation. The funds are totally refundable, with interest and without penalty.




  • Can be as simple as providing us with your name and address.
  • Or can be as thorough as planning every detail of your funeral and pre-financing it at the same time.
  • Does not involve any fees for meeting with a funeral director.
  • Assures that your wishes will be carried out as you planned.
  • Eliminates the burden of second guessing about what type of service you preferred.
  • Reduces stress at an already emotional time and helps your family begin the healing process.
  • Can assist you by financing the entire sum through an inflation-proof, state-regulated trust fund that is fully transferable.

Please take your time and review the Cochran pre-arrangement form. If you feel comfortable, you may fill in as many fields as you desire and submit your pre-arrangements to us, all in the convenience of your own home. A Cochran funeral director will contact you shortly after and discuss further steps with you.

If you would like to receive more information about pre-arranging and pre-financing or wish to meet with a funeral director to prepare funeral pre-arrangements in person, please call us today, at (908) 852-3361.